I am 68 years old and have started smoking again after over 20 years of being delivered. I cannot stop. I am wondering if God will deliver me again even though he did once and I returned. I feel like such a hypocrite and it is hurting my faith and my walk with God because I have failed Him big time


There are some things we don’t like to talk about, and those are our failures in life. I want to talk about this one, because it was a problem to me. When I got back-slidden and I went away from Jesus, one of the bad things I did – I started smoking. And I regretted it, but I smoked for 12 years, the time that I was away from the Lord. But when I came back to Jesus, I wanted to stop smoking with all my heart.
The other sins that beset me were easy to set apart – I just stopped doing them, but people, I could not stop smoking, I could not kick the habit. I had tried so many times in my life before that to stop smoking, and then I was desperate to stop smoking because here I am, I’ve come back to Jesus – I’ve…

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